Selamat datang ke alam perceritaan dari Syafiqah (:


First of all, feel like a fall in love la. haha. Dont laugh okayy! seriously, felt like ala-ala Juliet waiting for Romeo ja. Haha, okay now, laughing. Haha. kind of funny jack. seems to always read the novel kot. ouhh, come on la! chill chill. haha. IHH, blushing la pulak. serious malu. gila kot. cam baru couple ja weh!. seriously, like a maddy girl! HAHA. sah gi-la Farhan! ;p , sometimes feel like if the text with him. feeling very happy. feel like shit if people put the pounds is not bad. Haha. very crazy nehh. semalam, he put something in the water apaaa?. Haha. I love you. :)) Sincerely from me. seriously. saya jatuh cinta pada awak ;')


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