Selamat datang ke alam perceritaan dari Syafiqah (:

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What is your name : Syafiqah 

A four letter word : Star ;D

A boy's name : Sazwan , haha. nama abanggg woooo

A girl's name : Safiyya ;p

An occupation : Salesman

A colour : Silver

Something you'll wear : Socks

A food : Spaghety 

Something found in bathroom : Sunsilk. haha

A place : Singapore

A reason for being late : Sleeping. haha

Something you'd shout : See a ghost. haha

A movie title : Senjakala ;)

Something you drink : Syrup red. ;p

A musical group : Sofasz

An animal : Sheep

A street name : Stadium. ;D

A type of car : Satria Neo

Title of a song : Sampai syurga

(P/S : Game ni kna jawab ikot initial nama kita.)

Paan yg tolong pikiaq. haha

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